Marriage is our third album and it is unlike anything we have made before. The journey to this record has been a difficult one. we started working not even intending to make an album. we went into the studio with the idea of making an EP, wrote some songs, but couldn’t quite nail what we were going for - the songs didn’t quite feel right together - or like what we were looking for. So we went into overdrive, wrote a bunch more songs, Recorded them at home, and suddenly found ourselves with what we realised was this album.

We've written a lot of music as wy these past few years but with this particular album we wanted to find the way back to our core, stripping everything else away. We don’t know what our music will sound like in the future, but we think we found something truly special with marriage. 

Side A

Come Here
Shiba Inu
That Picture Of Me

Side B

Miserable Artist
A Walk Outside
Dream House
God’s Lamb



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